2 Gestures that will change your child's Life

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Let's develop our baby's brain!

Hi guys this is a topic I have been interested in. I will be giving some nice info on how children develop their brain!

I mainly thought about writing about this because I am truly interested in making sure my future kids live a great stress free developing life. And I always love knowing whats the best for my own kids!.. More knowledge the better everyone’s life is! and this info may actually be obvious! 

2 of the most important gestures parents need to do with their kids is:

  • Loving Touch 
  • Eye contact 

According to Dr. Leaf

“Research has shown that if children don’t get enough loving touch and eye contact during the first 3 years of life when their brains are organizing for independence their emotional development will be stopped and prevented from optimal development.”

Takes the brain 18 years to grow and develop and a lifetime to mature!



Positive and Negative Experiences

Positive experiences induce brain cells to expand and negative experiences cause brain cells to SHRIVEL and DIE.. Holy smokes..

Childhood experiences change the brain and negative experience cause brain damage!

What we do when we were children and developing our brains is the optimal time to develop our brains. We develop the hardwiring as children and that pretty much sets up the the stage when we are full grown adults..

Of course we do still have the potential to develop our brains and change our lives... (now thats a different discussion for later)

I repeat!.. If the child receives no love or eye contact.. that will decrease the growth of their brain..


What does stress do for them?

Blocks blood flow for the brain
If this goes too long the emotional function as an adult will be affected!..


How much activities should children have?

It seems like a lot of parents want whats best for their kids by getting them super smart and talented at everything at a young age, but sometimes thats not the answer.
Children of any age don’t get stronger by receiving extra classes, subjects, cultural activities in their already packed up schedules. This overload of classes and activities can actually risk damaging their brains.

SO... don’t worry! Its not a race to create the ultimate kid!...

The best option would have them of course avoid depression by playing more...
AND its not VIDEO GAMES and TV! That does the OPPOSITE! (Even though I love video games and Tv)

Finding what your child is GENUINELY interested in the most is key!
So you can figure out what they could be interested in, and not try to force them into a bunch of activities at the same time. You can at least expose them!

I hope this was somewhat interesting! I am still reading more and more. So let me know what you think!..


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