5 Reasons to make sure you are Committed, for your Life


What does a person need to live a long fruitful, fulfilling life? 

A healthy lifestyle! 

What does a healthy lifestyle consist of?

-- Exercise, Nutrition, and Commitment. --
Anyone can start exercise and nutrition.. most of the time only in the first week.. The most important word out of the 3 I’m going to talk about is COMMITMENT.

5 reasons to make sure you are committed, for your life

  • 1. You need a purpose to why you’re so committed. 
  • 2. You need to be involved with other people
  • 3. You have to care about something
  • 4. You need Goals!
  • 5. It needs to be specific to you

Overall there has to be people and causes you to care !

Now let me tell you a little bit about each


1. You need a purpose to why you’re so committed

Fill up your life more with different reasons why you should be committed to be the best you. People always say "I’m doing it for myself," thats a good goal, but is that enough by itself for most people? You can often get the best results to keep up with your goals when there are people you care for involved.

These goals, or people don’t have to be important to society. It doesn't need to be a way to make money doing it, as long as its important and interesting to you.

2. You need to be involved with other people

When you are involved with other people you can improve your life with the different interactions you have with each person. When you are completely alone, you won't live the optimal life, I guarantee you. There is time for "alone time," but not all the time. The different interactions you come by can get you connected and bring more potential to your life! For the people "who don't like people..." Don't allow yourself to be negative and allow people to ruin your day. Those are factors that will cause you to think negative and that impacts your health. A healthy mind is forgiving and positive.


3. You have to care about something

There needs to be people you care about and reason to keep yourself alive! Even a smile from someone you like helps..
Or you’ll die!.. (Ok not too drastic, I'm just saying you'll live a more fruitful life in the long-run)

Keep yourself well and energized for your children
Keep yourself healthy enough to retire
Keep yourself healthy for your spouse
Keep yourself healthy so you can move/avoid pain- Stop yourself from decaying away as an “old” person.
Your “AGE” (appearance/how you move) is determined by your health!


4. You need Goals!

You definitely need goals to start you off to being committed. Having a goal in mind is an easy way to make sure you work towards what you want. A great way to start is to make easy goals to accomplish within the day.

Examples for 1 day goals:

  • Organize your house
  • Talk to 5 different people
  • Keep yourself positive for a whole day
  • Eating 4 healthy meals a day

These are goals I started off with and I manually checked them off in my journal. And it personally gives me a feeling of reward every time I check something off my goal list. Then I take it to the next level to establishing goals weekly.

Examples for weekly goals:

  • Workout 4-5x a week
  • Wake up to meditate at 5am 4-5x a week
  • Do 50 Push-ups every morning 4-5x a week
  • Work towards my career 1 hour each day for this whole week

5. These goals need to be specific to you

It really depends on how you want your life to look like. For example, I personally want to feel amazing everyday and gradually create my life each day, rather than wait. That is why I create one day goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and 1- year goals. Most people think they change a small or large part of themselves in about a year. In reality I'm telling you it should only take about 3 months tops to improve on whatever you are working on. Or even less!

I make sure I feel, act, and look how I want gradually and overall get my end goals of how my life is going to be. If you don't work on anything you obviously know what you are going to get, just a "normal" life or less. If you work towards your "potentially amazing life" you'll get a more positive result. And if you feel negative and have doubt about it, that's not going to help.

One more reason why I'm working on myself

One  more reason why I work on myself, is because I’m getting myself ready for (I repeat) my future.. and my family!
Remember.. you attract who you currently are.

Keep building yourself!
Keep that excitement up!