3 sleeping tips that will increase your life



How is everyone’s sleeping doing? Is sleep important?
I remember when I use to think sleeping was overrated as long as you can have more time doing more things, but after improving my lifestyle, sleeping ended up being the most important.

About 40% of Americans are SLEEP deprived!😱

Causing increased risk for:

  • Accidents
  • WEIGHT GAIN - big one for us health freaks
  • chronic diseases
  • reduced sex drive
  • poor cognitive function/memory loss
  • --you can get super sick without any sleep
  • DEPRESSION ...... (another factor)


What happens when you do get sleep?😁


  • Your body can finally HEAL and recover
  • Your BRAIN can remove all the toxins and waste
  • When you don’t remove toxin and waste, it can cause terrible brain issues - needs to be able to drain out!
  • You can perform physically/mentally on point!
  • Overall FEEL GOOD - decreasing the anxiety/depression!

Sleeping can change your life!

There’s a lot of people I know that would just skip a day of sleeping like its NOTHING!..

When you improve parts of your lifestyle like sleeping you will definitely feel some positive changes. Those can be the CHANGES that can CHANGE your LIFE! Examples would be like increasing your confidence to be you and rid of the anxiety you wished you never had!

When your health is on point - the TRUE you will be on point.

Many people will be only getting less than 5 hours of sleep because of how their life is currently arranged. AND that is what causes our lives to not be that OPTIMAL and leading to health issues gradually over time.

3 TIPS for sleeping well:🤓


  • Sleep in a pitch black room
  • Don’t watch tv/look at your phone before going to bed☀️

-Tv imitates the sun causing your body to believe it's day time and starts storing fat for the winter.

  • Don’t eat or drink water before you go to sleep

-don’t want to have to wake up in the middle of the night and pee/poop and ruin your sleep!💩

GET SLEEP AND BE HAPPY! Get 7-8 hours! 



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Donovan Smolich