How to Correct your Bad Posture, that will help you Live Happier

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How's your posture doing?

Having LOW energy? Well how's your posture doing? Have you ever looked in the mirror and said wow I have great posture? Or why do I have a hunchback...

Well today I’m going to talk about how bad posture effects who YOU ARE and your LIFE!...

Not just for looks... for Energy!

Posture isn’t just for looks and looking cute! It effects your lifespan and how you function! It influences your thoughts, feelings, and how you approach everything each and everyday. Bad posture also puts mechanical stress on your body. Each day your walking around in bad posture there is strain put on your body, 🐘extra weight! And your body is trying so hard to adapt! That process gradually causes your bones to end up degenerating over time. Another enegative effect is also the comprimise of your energy levels.

An example of poor posture would be
Head tilted forward and shoulders rounded over forward.


How do you get bad posture and what does it cause?

One of the most famous causes of bad posture is looking down at your 📞PHONE. When your head is flexing forward you are adding extra weight down on your cervical spine (neck). The more degrees down - the heavier! An optimal neck curve is a nice forward curve. Without that curve in your neck it leads to:

  • -Tension headaches
  • -Restricted breathing
  • -Cardiovascular issue over time
  • -Early wear and tear
  • -Bone/disc degeneration
  • -Possible surgery
  • -Slow neurological input depending on the degree! 

(Remember most of the billions of nerves are in your upper neck so take good care of it!)

According to Dr. Hansraj's article:

“Loss of the natural curve of the cervical spine leads to incrementally increased stresses about the cervical spine. These stresses may lead to early wear, tear, degeneration, and possibly surgeries.”

Billions of people are putting themselves in this poor posture. This says a lot that it is common that people can be dealing with symptoms from bad lifestyle and posture.

(Below is a picture of an example, showing the amount of weight you are potentially putting on your neck when looking down)

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 6.32.15 PM.png

How nice are your curves?

When you lose your cervical curve that puts stress on the spinal cord lowering your actual ENERGY OUTPUT.
Basically you have 90% energy holding up your body and its muscle tone and then you have 10% of extra energy you can use to “party it up” (do whatever you want). When your neck goes forward the percentage of that energy goes down. 
So on perceived level, that can lead to:

  • -Fatigue
  • -Low energy
  • -Depression/Anxiety/Stress

You might be running on only 5% energy output, IMAGINE how you can change or improve your life with the solid 10% of energy! 😁

5 Ways to resolve/prevent this:

  • -Stand up more often every 30 min
  • -Look up at phone - make a trend!
  • -Exercise the body in different movements
  • -FoamRoll your "hunchback" avoid lowback
  • -Overall be aware of how you are presenting yourself




How do you want people to perceive you?

If they see you hunched down over, do you think they are looking at a confident person or a person who’s down and possibly lazy.
What does an energetic, positive person look like? Good posture I hope!

Have a nice day! Bring back that ENERGY you DESERVE it!



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