Finding Motivation and Being an Inspiration



What is Motivation?

When you think about motivation what comes up to your mind? Is it to get rich? A way to change yourself for someone? Make your family proud to brag about you? Or  is it you thinking, whats the point of being motivated I can just be in my comfort zone, relax and die happy.

Those examples I mentioned earlier are just a couple guesses what people might use the word “motivated” for. Being somewhat “motivated” myself has honestly made my life way more amazing. When I think about getting myself motivated.. I think about things that will trigger me to be excited to change my life! Now let me explain how this works.


Who Am I?

I first think about.. who am I as a person? Am I who I want to be? And do I appear how I want to appear in front of people I socialize with. Here’s an example.. First I ask you “how do you want people to think of you when your name pops up in their head?” And you have to be completely honest with yourself or you won’t grow as person at all. You might say “They think I’m a nice person.” Is that how you want most people to think of you as just a “nice person” (or whatever description you come up with thats just as BASIC as that). In my personal opinion thats just not enough. I have only one life to be amazing! That means I'm going to build myself not to appear basic, but to appear as confident and as one of the most amazing/interesting people they have ever met!

You know how much would change if you completely changed the way people viewed you? So many extra opportunities open up for you from each human interaction. Social interaction is one key element that helps us live ABOVE AVERAGE lives! Of course you'll have people who dislike you for being "you," but that just shows you are doing things right because look at all the other people who are drawn to you! Be kind, be amazing, and be "YOU."


Being Unnoticed

Here’s a personal story about myself. On my first discovery of learning how to change a small aspect of my life leading to even bigger aspects. This is where I wanted to get motivated to get out of my comfort zone.
Before I start, If you know me as a person I appear somewhat social and tell ridiculous stories. This is the image in your head. Now listen to this short story.

I grew up as someone who didn’t talk at all as a little kid up till 16 years old. I was considered odd. People would take advantage of me and find a way to feel like they are superior to me. People are always looking for a way to feel good about themselves.. so it happens. One day I told myself “if I don’t talk now I’ll never talk again.” So I first made a goal to say "hi" to someone at my high school. And it was the bravest moment of my life from there. Then I made a another goal to say “hi” to 2 people and after that my face was RED and I was SOAKED... And guess what I did after that? I kept saying “hi” even more times and ending up adding more words, and I ended up being an expert as saying “hi.” 

Now I’m considered somewhat social, and before that I appeared as a just a “basic boring guy with nothing to say.” It’s crazy that one small determined goal of mine changed that aspect of who I am and how people viewed me. Now I still continue to build on myself till this day! I always tell myself “I need a tune up, I want people to view me as a confident leader.. no I want people to see me as a super hero.” So everything I do today I structured to be exactly that!  I read what I want to be an expert at, I workout to perform how I want to perform, and I keep my mindset on point and I always tell myself “You can be whoever you want to be!” I still continue to grow into that person.


How do I want my future to look?

Have you ever thought about how your future would look? Does it consist of being rich, big house, and married? Sounds typical, but most people want that. “My future” is another TRIGGER WORD that gets me “pumped up” and motivated! I’m saying to myself “I’m going to have an amazing life!... And.. RICH TOO!” Or.. “can’t wait to meet my future wifey!”





I first tell myself “what do I need to work towards my future?” 


I want a house


  • How do I get that? A career that I like and money!
  • Start asking around and doing research and figure out what you like! If you like it and you put thought into it, you can be creative enough to make the money you want.. and at the same time live a long happy life. You might be thinking "well duh".. well hell do it!

How do I want to look and act?


  • Great shape and confident
  • Start working out and build your confidence by getting out of your comfort zone, maybe even grab a book on things you want to know and be great at. 

Do you want to marry an amazing person?

Are you currently noticing you’re attracting people who seem like.. “trash” after the relationship is finished? Most likely they aren’t for you and most likely they are not  the quality you’re looking for. The one who you belong with is someone who is not negative in your life so don't hesitate to leave. Why would you try to change someone for the cost of your life? You want someone who will create a whole new world for you. Someone who inspires you and brings out the best in you!


You attract who you are currently as a person!

Don’t settle for less, settle for someone who benefits your life and wants to help build you up! So work hard on yourself. You’ll actually be excited to know what the outcome is at the end when you finally find your TRUE soul mate!

I remember I would always attract the same girl.. just attracted to my looks and nothing else. Ever since I saw life in a whole new perspective, I worked on myself and believed I could change what type of people are drawn to me. And that aspect of my life has been much more amazing! Rather than my image, I attract people who want me for who I am and its an even stronger feeling than someone that just likes you for looks and a "cool image."


How's your Health?

Being healthy is sure way to boost up your confidence and motivation. I’m not just saying that because it’s a true fact, but it’s because when you are healthy your brain can function clearer and that combined with a goal you have a clear vision! How can you be motivated if you feel like “crap” everyday? You need to understand that you need to “feel good” to keep up with your goals. Being healthy consists of eating healthy vegetables, good fats, amino acids, you name it! I’m not saying stop eating dessert! I’m saying start adding super foods that will help aid you to feel amazing. 

You only feel those aches, pains, and head aches from your everyday lifestyle. Once you start eating healthy and exercise regularly, the inflammation will go down, blood will flow, nerves will be conducting, and at the end you’ll end up having a clear mind. If you feel amazing and have a clear mind you can have the energy to do whatever you want without complaining and saying “I’m too tired..” Stop saying that phrase!... It’s bad for you if you say it everyday! Do you really want your brain to get you prepared to be tired everyday? Your brain is what makes you motivated to do "you." With a healthy body and mind (without complaining) will create you into a fantastic motivated person!

When your health is on point, the TRUE you is on point.

Here’s 5 healthy activities to boost your motivation (energy)

Eat clean at least 5x a week


Exercise at least 5x a week

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Get a Passion/Hobby

For example: I like to “break-dance,” so every time I perform a move correctly, my brain produces a hormone called dopamine, giving me this feeling of reward. And I always feel amazing when I consistently keep getting that feeling. 


Reading Books

Reading certain topics will build you towards the type of person you want to be. 
For example if you want to be an expert at presenting, start reading a book on communication and presenting and gradually you’ll see yourself getting better at it. No Joke!




I meditate every morning for at least 10 min, research shows meditation allows you to have a healthy mind, reduce stress, and build up your memory. Who wouldn't want that!? Don't worry about not being an expert on clearing your mind during meditation, you'll get better at it each time you meditate. Just concentrate on your breath every time you breath in and out and before you know it you'll be meditating with no thoughts at all!



Give yourself time to think and be creative

This is the time of day you start thinking about your whole life and what you want to improve on. This will give you an awesome feeling of working towards what you want to be great at and to make sure you actually remember and do it. The creative side about it is coming up with ideas and what you want to build on your own character personally.

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The Famous Journal

What I personally do that works amazing is write in a journal with all my goals. I gradually check them off throughout the days, weeks, months, and all the way up to the end of the year. I always start with easy goals, then I gradually get to harder ones that are out of my comfort zone. Once i understood accomplishing goals that were out of my comfort zone I ended up being confident with taking on goals that are too intense for me and its being changing my life. I can now do things I never thought I could do in my whole life.

Remember! You can appear and be whoever you want to be. Be excited to be different than everyone else! Building your quality consistently is definitely a rare trait. Give yourself the mindset that you have potential, and your brain will gradually do the work for you to create who you want to be.


The "True you"

After going through this process, you will end up noticing people appreciate you way more than they did before. People really appreciate particular people who really try hard and have a passion to be a better version of themselves. You'll be amazed when you re-introduce yourself as a "better version" of yourself, or what I like to call it the "TRUE YOU." The "YOU" thats just been waiting to come out and make your life amazing and the others lives around you. Before you know it, you end up being a role model for people who want to go through the same process that you did. Some people just end up wanting to be around you. Find a passion and continue your drive and end up accomplishing all your goals and dreams... I know I have!.. I'm still working on it even harder each time and it's changing my life!.. I went from average life to amazing life in just 1-2 years. Let me know what you think when you end up accomplishing all your goals and dreams, I'd love to hear it!


Meaning to Life

I remember when I noticed I would live my life day by day, waiting for "good things" to happen gradually over time. Waking up late and working for a pay check to go out and eat. It was pretty much the same week over and over. I also notice that is very common for most people. Most people are just comfortable and living by parents expectations. I remember looking up at my ceiling and was thinking I feel like a great guy, but why do i feel like my life has no meaning. Then I discovered it once I made a purpose for myself that was totally out of my league. It was conquering all my anxieties. My anxieties consisted of having an education, communicating, saying "hi," speaking my mind, and much more. Once I eliminated each one of my anxieties, I finally can control my own life and create a much better outcome. I decided I was confident with my own decisions and no one elses. And so far I've been experiencing the happiest days of my life and it just gets better from here!


Author: Donovan Smolich