3 sleeping tips that will increase your life

Sleep is apart of our everyday lifestyle and people are taking it for granted! People need to realize that sleep is what helps us recover and live amazing lives. When you are sleep deprived it it causing health issues and even DEPRESSION. Find out a couple easy ways to get effective sleep!

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Donovan Smolich
How to Correct your Bad Posture, that will help you Live Happier

Having LOW energy? Well how's your posture doing? Have you ever looked in the mirror and said wow I have great posture? Or why do I have a hunchback...Well today I’m going to talk about how bad posture effects who YOU ARE and your LIFE!...

I will be talking how looking down can ruin your posture and disrupt how you feel and how it lowers your energy level.

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Finding Motivation and Being an Inspiration

Author: Donovan Smolich

My life has changed dramatically in such a short time from figuring out who I am through creating and figuring out what my perspective of life really was. Overall I figured out how to keep myself motivated to be who I want to be and have meaning to my life. In this passage I explain different perspectives of how you would look at life and figure out what triggers you to be motivated to make amazing changes in your life.

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