State-of-the Art Equipment

We provide a facility with high quality equipment to achieve your goals. The workouts you can perform can come from strength training, cardio or functional movement, you name it. Additionally we have a cardio theater; our state of the art treadmills have features you would not even believe! Why Netflix & Chill, when you can Netflix and Run!

Immaculate Facilities


Personal Training

At Pro Fitness, we offer all new members a free fitness evaluation and guidance session with a personal trainer. This helps you get off on the right foot with the knowledge, tools and motivation to accomplish your fitness goals. Whether your goal is weight loss, building lean muscles, cardio workout, or just feeling good about yourself, our staff will stay with you every step of the way. Plus, every 30 days we offer our members the option to track their progress with a personal trainer, and update their workout routine.

Classes/Functional Exercise Area

Have tons of fun in our functional exercise area! Do fun exercises and climb on the monkey bars. Stretch with our quality foam rollers, play with the ropes, and more! We also provide classes in this area to get you on track with your fitness journey!

Classes are great way to get personal instruction and motivation to reach your fitness goals. Join us and learn new workouts at our boot camp classes.

Kids Club

We provide a kids club so you as parent or guardian can find time to come in and workout. The club includes toys, chalk, Netflix.. you name it.

Steam Rooms & Tanning

Steam bathing is not just good for relaxation, it's also great for your health. Regular use of our steam rooms may help you boost your immune system and aid in stress relief. At Pro Fitness we offer top of line steam rooms in our men's and women's locker rooms and you can access them anytime you come in.


Here are some well documented benefits of incorporating steam rooms into your wellness routine:

Burn More Calories: Utilizing a steam room post workout can keep you sweating longer and allow your body to continue to burn calories. Just make sure to stay hydrated by drinking water throughout your workout and your sweat in our steam room.

Respiratory Health: Steam rooms can help encourage deep breathing by heating your mucous membrane which can help break up congestion in your sinuses.

Clearer Skin: Steam bathing can help clear out your pores by opening them up and allowing the warm condensation to wash away any dirt or toxins that have risen to the surface promoting a healthy glow in your skin.

Muscle and Joint Health: Steam rooms can benefit you pre and post workout. Pre workout they can help warm up your joints to increase their flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. Post workout they can help prevent some soreness and aid the muscles to recover faster.

Immune System Boost: Regular steam bathing has been shown to boosts the immune system. Both cold and hot therapies have the ability to rev up your immune system which helps to fight off infections.

Kids Club

We provide a kids club so you as parent or guardian can find time to come in and workout. The club includes toys, chalk, Netflix.. you name it.


How do we help you?

We believe living a fruitful and stress-free life requires a healthy lifestyle. The environment we have created is positive and supportive allowing you to focus on your goals. We are not just a gym, we are a health club that cares about your health.